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Love Cosmetics Awards

Jun 8, 2022NEWS

We are pleased to announce another success of Neboa, i.e. award in Love Cosmetic Awards 2022 for the Lamellar Water MAGIC WATER. 

Neboa brand is a natural hair and scalp care cosmetics and the first own brand in Eurus portfolio. Despite its short presence on the market, it has already won several awards in competitions organized for the cosmetics industry. 

Love Cosmetics Awards is a contest organized by Wirtualne Kosmetics portal. The products are judged by a professional Jury and the main criteria are the quality of the submitted cosmetics and their credibility, i.e. compliance of the marketing slogans with the actual performance of the products. In accordance with the contest slogan #brand #emotions #quality, the winner could only be a cosmetic concept that reflects the DNA of its brand, evokes positive emotions and provides consumers with the highest quality.

The competition was fierce, so we are even more pleased with the award for Magic Water. The jury appreciated the high quality of this product, its functional and aesthetic qualities, which is particularly desirable from the perspective of the modern consumer.

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