Bear Hug face wash gel with Influencer’s Top 2020 award!

Jan 29, 2021NEWS EN

Złoto Perły Rynku kosmetycznego Tuva Siberica Eurus

We are pleased to announce that the product from the Natura Siberica MEN line – Stimulating Bear Hug face wash gel – received an award in the INFLUENCER’S TOP 2020 plebiscite in the men’s cosmetics category!

In INFLUENCER’S TOP, the jury is  well-known and liked influencers, internet creators, actors and singers. As it turned out, our product turned out to be unrivaled in the category of men’s cosmetics, obtaining the highest mark and recognition of celebrities. Thank you.

Let us remind you that the Natura Siberica MEN line is available at Rossmann. You can also buy a stimulating face wash gel at an authorized Natura Siberica store.

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