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Neboa, cooperating with Plastic Bank, cleans the oceans of plastic

Oct 9, 2023NEWS


🌿 Neboa is a brand whose products are created in accordance with the Respect the Nature philosophy, and this philosophy accompanies us in all areas of activity: from the development of vegan and natural cosmetic recipes, through packaging created in the spirit of less waste, to brand communication which bases on education regarding our planet. 🌎

Acting in accordance with this philosophy, on July 10, we signed an agreement with The Plastic Bank Recycling Corporation, thanks to which, over the next 2 years, the Neboa brand will contribute to cleaning the oceans of approximately 2,200,000 plastic bottles.

Plastic Bank is an organization based in Vancouver, Canada that creates recycling ecosystems in underserved communities, fighting both ocean plastic pollution and high levels of poverty in countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia and Brazil.

The company enables people living in poverty to collect plastic and exchange it for material goods, such as school fees, medical insurance, access to medicines, and fuel. Plastic Bank processes collected plastics to put them back into use.

📣 Remember! Your purchase of a Neboa product helps cleanse the oceans of plastic.

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