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Neboa cleans Baltic Sea with Mare foundation

Sep 29, 2021NEWS


Neboa is a natural and vegan hair care brand for which care for the Planet is particularly important. The packaging of Neboa cosmetics is made from recycled materials, including plastic collected from the oceans. Thanks to Neboa and the production of its designer bottles, more than 15 tonnes of plastic waste have already disappeared from the oceans! As a Polish brand, Neboa decided to take care not only of the condition of the oceans, but also of our domestic Baltic Sea.

Therefore, the brand has become an official partner of the MARE Foundation, as well as a sponsor of the PortBin, which cleans the Baltic Sea of plastic and was installed in cooperation with the foundation in the new marina on Sobieszewo Island!

PortBin is a bin that is installed directly in the water. It collects not only plastic waste, but also liquid pollution. Annually, PortBin can catch up to 1.5 tons of plastic!

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