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Natura Siberica supports the Droga charity Association

Jun 10, 2021NEWS

Złoto Perły Rynku kosmetycznego Tuva Siberica Eurus

We are pleased to announce that the authorized Natura Siberica store,, has started cooperation with the “DROGA” Family Assistance Association. Under this agreement, each order made in our online store will support the charges of the Association.

From now on, you can give children in difficult situations an easier start in life. The “DROGA” Association carries out many projects, including helping children from poor, dysfunctional or large families, as well as organizing care and educational activities for children deprived of the care of the family home.

The motto of this organization is “To bring out the inner beauty of man, wake him up!” and is also behind the Natura Siberica brand. We also want to make our contribution and make the youngest smile.

You can help too. All you have to do is place any order in our shop,, and we will allocate funds from it to the implementation of the activities of the above-mentioned association.

Thank you for being with us, because together we can change the world for the better!

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