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Pilaten brand

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Pilaten brand

PIL’ATEN is the first cosmetic brand promoting the concept of ENJOYMAN. It aims at celebrating life in the rhythm of words, pampering yourself through healthy and natural skin care. The brand’s products are based on plant extracts and collagen, and advanced technologies are used in their production.

PIL’ATEN is the brand that conquered the hearts of Polish consumers with one single product – a black mask that removes blackheads. In 2017 Eurus Sp. z o. o. (LLC) signed an agreement with PIL’ATEN under which Eurus has exclusive rights to distribute the products of this brand in Poland. Also in 2017, the black PIL’ATEN mask entered the competition ‘Pearls of the Cosmetic Market’. It received a golden award in the category of the Most Prospective Debut, and silver award in the category of Specialist Products for Face Care.

Thanks to the signed agreement Eurus expands PIL’ATEN product portfolio that is available in Poland with new and attractive care products.

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