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Perfect Plast brand

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Perfect Plast brand

Plasters for special tasks!

PERFECT plast are high quality sticking plasters, assembled in kits according to the customers’ needs, created from a wide range of materials and in modern packaging. In the assortment there are kits of plasters of different size and shape and for different purposes, e.g. plasters for corns, plasters for children and tourists, waterproof plasters, multi-purpose plasters, handy plaster kits, cuttable plasters, heating plasters. The PERFECT plast plasters are characterised by very good adhesion to the skin, water resistance and high durability. They allow the skin to breathe and are hypoallergenic. PERFECT plast are the plasters with excellent adhesive properties. They retain their properties thanks to hypoallergenic, transparent acrylic or hot-melt adhesive. The plasters can be removed gently, painlessly and without leaving the adhesive on the skin. Antiseptic dressing is an absorbent layer with a sterile, centrally placed microporous, elastic fabric with excellent absorption, which does not adhere to the wound. The portfolio also includes transparent plasters with Aloe Vera extract, which accelerate wound and cut healing, or Textile plasters with a high cotton content suitable even for very sensitive skin.

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