Natura Siberica brand

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Natura Siberica brand

Natura Siberica offers a variety of health and beauty care products, made from wild Siberian herbs and natural minerals.
The herbs used in the cosmetics have been traditionally used for years by the inhabitants of Siberia, and were also the basis of the health and beauty potions made for the Russian Royal family. In order to survive in the extreme Siberian conditions, the herbs and plants synthesize highly protective active ingredients and exhibit unique antioxidant properties. Thanks to these unique properties, the products that will fill your skin with beauty and vitality have been made.

With great pleasure we discover the ancient Siberian care secrets and present the lines of original Siberian cosmetic products.

Siberica Oblepikha

Oblepikha Siberica with sea buckthorn. Sea buckthorn called ‘The Gold of Siberia’ is the richness of bioactive substances such as antioxidants flavonoids, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, microelements and vitamins (A, C, D, E, K, P, and B vitamins). It has a strong regenerating effect.

Little Siberica

Little Siberica is a line of certified organic cosmetics for children and infants. Thanks to the right combination of vitamins, minerals and the highest quality organic ingredients, Little Siberica gently cares for children’s sensitive skin and hair. The high quality and safety of Little Siberica products have been certified by COSMOS-standard AISBL ICEA.

Natura Siberica Caviar

Caviar cosmetics have a powerful rejuvenating power, drawing on the richness of black caviar.
Caviar Platinum collection contains platinum and Active Northern Lifting Complex.
Caviar Gold collection has been enriched with liquid gold and Herbal Energizing Complex.
Caviar Collagen collection is a unique combination of herbal collagen and Siberian Herbal Moisturising Complex.

Natura Siberica MEN

Wild Siberia: the power of nature. Natura Siberica MEN made for real, strong and courageous men. The products combine wild herbs with organic plant extracts from remote Siberia.

Wild Siberica brand

The line Wild Siberica is based on ingredients that come from two locations known as the wildest corners of the world: Siberia and the Faroe Islands. The products contain unique substances, such as Faroese seaweeds as well as nutrients, minerals and vitamins from Siberian plants that give strength, energy, health and beauty.
The line consists of two series deriving from insular names: Faroe Islands and Saaremaa (the largest island in Estonia).

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