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from the wildness of Siberia


Natura Siberica is a story about wild Siberia, pristine nature, a place where time stopped centuries ago, where few indigenous tribes still live in harmony with nature.

It is also a story about unique plants that grow in extremely unfavorable conditions, thanks to which they accumulate much more active ingredients and are known for their anti-aging and energy-boosting properties.

Finally, it is also a story about combining tradition with modernity, in the form of unique recipes in the world, where the wisdom of our ancestors is combined with the latest achievements of cosmetology.

The richness
of nature


Why are cosmetics from Siberia so special?

Most of the plants obtained for the Natura Siberica brand are not found anywhere else in the world, and the rest have a stronger effect than those obtained outside Siberia. All thanks to the extremely cold, harsh and clean climate, which stimulates nature to accumulate above-average amounts of active ingredients. In addition, Natura Siberica, thanks to the cooperation with the indigenous people of Siberia, which traditionally collects local plants, guarantees the quality of ingredients obtained with full care for the environment and work ethic.


in every way


We take care of everything, not only the final product. Consumers love Natura Siberica for its well-designed, biodegradable packaging, bold product concepts and, above all, extremely effective formulas.

Product concepts
in trends


Natura Siberica is primarily natural cosmetics, the vast majority of which are certified. They are also vegan products that meet the needs of the market.

More and more cosmetics are based on hydrolates, i.e. water from plants, free from heavy metals and rich in bioactive ingredients.

The products based on the Altai Sea Buckthorn, a plant extremely rich in vitamin C, with 15 times more than an orange, are also undoubtedly a hit!



Cosmetics for

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for women

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in the world


Natura Siberica is a global brand, sold all over the world, with over 60 stationary points of sale, incl. in Moscow, Honk Kong, Barcelona or Belgrade.

Unique ingredients and valuable formulas are appreciated by consumers all over the world. Year on year, the awards received give the products a high standard. In Poland, the brand obtained, among others the award of the Best Product of the Year or the Golden Pearl of the Cosmetics Market.



Product certification tells us about the highest quality, and also about the fact that the product has:


  • at least 95% natural ingredients,
  • biodegradable packaging or suitable for recycling,
  • does not contain genetically modified raw materials,
  • no artificial fats, oils, silicones, paraffins and other substances obtained during the distillation of crude oil were used in the production,
  • no PEG emulsifiers are used,
  • preservatives identical to natural ones can be used, including: benzoic acid, formic acid, sorbic acid, salicylic acid and their salts, in order to decontaminate the raw materials for the production of the cosmetic and the final product,
  • must not be radioactively irradiated in order to sterilize the product.

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