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Mediheal brand


Mediheal brand

Mediheal is a leader in the demanding Korean cosmetic mask market. The brand originates from the prestigious medical school at the University of Seoul. Mediheal products are developed by highly qualified biotechnologists and dermatologists.

Mediheal offers a wide range of innovative and effective face masks for all skin needs. Mediheal promotes the idea of a home spa where the effect of beautiful skin can be obtained without the need for surgery. All Mediheal products offered by Eurus are dermatologically tested, meet the requirements of the European Union and are fully safe to use. Mediheal masks contain modern and very effective ingredients, such as stimulating cell renewal DNA complex, AA2G – the active form of vitamin C that is activated only when in contact with the skin of the face, anti-aging glutathione, N. M. F- a natural substance produced by the skin to keep it properly hydrated or acetyl hexapeptide-8 – an innovative alternative to Botox.

Asian women, famous for their porcelain-smooth complexion, have established multi-stage daily routine to take care of their faces. One of the most important parts of this process is to apply a mask. Now, thanks to Mediheal, the Polish consumers can take care of themselves as effectively as the Korean beauties.

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