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Herbal cosmetics From the deep corners of nature

May 9, 2023NEWS


Herbal cosmetics
From the deep corners of nature

At last they are here !

Herbalist Agata’s recipes – we worked on them for over a year.

Responding to the needs of Polish consumers and business partners, we have created a comprehensive hair and body care brand based on herbs from various parts of the world. Herbalist’s recipes were created in line with current trends in Poland – they use traditional, herbal recipes, combining the wisdom of creative man with the gifts of nature, and, most importantly, fit perfectly into the Polish economy shelf.

We started with 20-odd cosmetics for hair care (shampoos, masks, lotions) and body care divided into two series:

  • HOME TRADITIONS – inspired by natural care taken from kitchen recipes, whose effects on skin and hair have been discovered for centuries under thatched roofs in various corners of the world.
  • FIELD TREASURES – cosmetics based on the benefits of herbs, fruits and plants from the meadows of the fields.

Shampoos such as bread shampoo, honey-lip shampoo, beer shampoo or propolis shampoo. Masks: yeast, egg and burdock, and herbal soaps for hair and body. Doesn’t this sound familiar ?

You can already find some cosmetics from Agatha Herbalist on the shelf in Rossmann and other cosmetic drugstores. In our plans for 2023, we anticipate more interesting herbal cosmetic items that will satisfy Polish consumers with unique formulas and attractive prices.

According to the new business strategy of Eurus company Herbalist’s Recipes is another manufacturer brand in the portfolio among: Neboa, Revoss Professional, Kimoco Beauty and Mevelle Professional.

We invite you to contact our sales department.

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