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Clipper – The Brand Close To People During Events!

Aug 20, 2021NEWS

Złoto Perły Rynku kosmetycznego Tuva Siberica Eurus

Clipper wants to be where sparks fly, the fire exists and history is made.
Therefore, the calendar of the Clipper brand includes events, festivals and concerts in which we are close to people as well as feel their #fire that inspires us!

We want ClipperMania to take over the whole country, so we share our flame wherever people in Poland have fun!

Upcoming events where you can visit the Clipper zone:

Stylish Tattoos ➡️ 21-22.08, Tattoo Konwent (Poznan) ?
Hip hop ➡️ 26-27.08, SBM Festival  (Warsaw) ?
Techno ➡️ 3-4.09, Up To Date Festival  (Bialystok)

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