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Clipper brand with the campaign “Old, but FIRE!”

May 24, 2023NEWS


Clipper brand with the campaign “Old, but FIRE!”

Clipper breaks patterns!
Do you associate old age with warm slippers and doctor appointments? It’s time to changé your thinking! Age is a state of mind, and Clipper shows it perfectly! Freedoḿ, fun and breaking patterns are the values that have guided̨ the brand from the beginning. Convince yourself̨ that old but FIRE is not just an empty slogan and jump into the world of Clipper.

“Old but FIRE!” – is a year-long campaign to create 10 episodes of short videos featuring the 65+ years old actor in various situations. The videos are used̨ on Clipper’s social media, as a format of dynamic reels (Reels), to increase organic reach and showcase the product’s benefits in a completely different, attention-grabbing̨̨ way.

The characteŕ of the campaign: grandpa Rysiek, 65 years old. He is not that young, but doesn’t seem tǫ̨ remember it. Age is no obstacle for him to express himself, all thanks to Clipper which accompanies him every day. If someone were to ask him what his motto is, he would definitely say “Old but young at heart” because for “Live fast, die young,” he’s simply too old. 😉

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