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Another award for the Neboa brand in the “packaging” category has joined our collection!

Oct 31, 2023NEWS


Another award for the Neboa brand in the “packagingcategory has joined our collection! The 30th edition of the GOOD DESIGN competition organized by the Institute of Industrial Design proved to be exceptional for Neboa. The brand has won an award for the design packaging!

163 products and services available on the Polish market were submitted to the competition. Each one underwent a two-stage verification process, and 114 made it to the final!

The final projects will be presented at the annual post-competition exhibition at the Institute of Industrial Design headquarters in Warsaw.

The Institute has consistently promoted representatives of good design for years, thereby supporting the dynamic development of the Polish design industry both domestically and internationally. The Good Design is the oldest Polish design competition in Poland!
We are immensely pleased that the distinctive shape of the Neboa bottle has gained recognition once again.

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